Insights from the New Jersey Green Hydrogen Forum
The New Jersey Fuel Cell Coalition will be phased out over 2023 as other organizations ramp up hydrogen and fuel cell activities in the state, particularly the NJ Clean Cities Coalition and the NJ Fuel Cell Task Force. The NJFCC website will remain active through 2023 to share related news. It has been an honor to work toward clean energy goals with the hydrogen/fuel cell community and other clean energy advocates.

Insights from the New Jersey Green Hydrogen Forum

The NJ Clean Cities Coalition, in collaboration with the NJ Fuel Cell Coalition, launched an effort to advance green hydrogen production, distribution, and use within New Jersey. To kick this effort off, a virtual Green Hydrogen Forum was held on June 29, 2021. 

The forum aimed to raise awareness of–and to start a conversation about–the technical, economic, market, and regulatory aspects of green hydrogen systems in New Jersey. Speakers included experts in hydrogen from the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Lab, and the California Hydrogen Business Council, along with government and business stakeholders from New Jersey. 

Discussions converged around three panels: 

  • The Big Picture
  • Green Hydrogen Production and Distribution
  • Green Hydrogen Use in NJ and Beyond

With the potential of green hydrogen to significantly reduce–and in many cases, eliminate–emissions by using increasingly abundant renewable energy sources, hopes are that this forum has stimulated discussions and will lead to the development and deployment of pilot projects in New Jersey. 

PowerPoint presentations and links to the recordings of the three panel discussions can be found at the NJ Clean Cities Coalition’s website.